Military Coup Underway in Egypt?

Several news outlets are reporting that a military coup is underway in Egypt. I am going to curate some of the articles and Tweets I find most interesting. 

21.54 pm CET:

I asked Germany´s ZDF television (one of the two biggest public TV stations in Germany, comparable to the BBC in the UK) whether they had any tweeting journalists in Cairo right now. The answer: no. Twitter doesn´t seem to be useful these days if you don´t speak English…

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-03 um 21.53.41

21.45 pm CET:

Here is a list of German journalists covering the coup in Egypt via Twitter:

n-tv/ RTL:


That´s all? Really?

21.22 pm CET:

A compilation of Tweets summarizing what has happened within the last hour in Egypt – and in newsrooms around the world.

Al Jazeera English20.20 pm CET:

International media outlets are having a hard time defining what is happening in Egypt right now: Is it a Coup or a Revolution? This is what the main captions of the thee biggest newschannels say right now:

CNNMorsy Adviser: Coup under way

aljazeera-logo_0 Egyptian military insists it is not planning a coup d´État and is with the people

BBC_WorldNewsEgypt Crisis (Protesters Threaten Civil Disobedience Campaign/ Egyptians Await Army Statement Shortly)

Anti-Morsy campaigners like to point out that what is happening right now is not at all a military coup, but a revolution. Meanwhile, some Twitter users are already tired of the arising debate:

19.34 pm CET:

German Middle East expert Michael Lüders on German ZDF television:

I expect the Muslim Brotherhood to radicalize if Morsy is ousted by the military. (…) But if there will be democratic elections next year the Brotherhood is going to win the most votes again – and of course this would lead to an extremely problematic situation.

19.20 pm CET:

As a military coup in Egypt seem to be underway, “Foreign Affairs” magazine already asks: What is next?

At the protests in Cairo, in fact, there was virtually no mention of opposition politicians like El Baradei, despite their support for the protests. No one could explain who should replace Morsi. “This is a bigger problem than the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Shokr el-Naguib, 55, a hotel chef taking part in a small march from the poor Cairo neighborhood of Imbaba toward Tahrir Square. “No one is ready to take over.”

19.16 pm CET:

19.11 pm CET:

19.05 pm CET:

CNN is reporting that state-newspaper Alahram has basically been taken over by the military and is reporting that Morsy is no longer in power. Long-time Cairo Correspondent Ben Wedeman explains:

In a recent study 63 percent of Egyptians claimed that standard of living has fallen within the last year. (…) There are electricity cuts all over Cairo, no proper law and order. Cairo is suffering from an unprecedented crime wave. One year ago, lots of people wanted the military out of power. Now the same people cheer for the military returning to power.

18.57 pm CET:


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