What You Need To Know About The Boston Media Coverage

Five must-reads about yesterday´s manhunt in Boston + the role of “old” and new media.

Financial Times (UK): The limits of a crowd-sourced manhunt. Speculations should be avoided when the facts are still unknown. By Cristopher Caldwell – 20.04.13

The New York Times: News Media and Social Media Become Part of a Real-Time Manhunt Drama. By Brian Stelter – 19.04.13

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Columbia Journalism Review: The New York Post´s Disgrace. By Ryan Chittum – 19.04.13

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The Atlantic: The Anatomy of A Misinformation Disaster. By Alexis C. Madrigal – 19.04.13

Der Freitag (German): Warum auch seriöse Medien falsch informieren. Von Klaus Raab – 17.04.13

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19.30: Also worth reading: ZEIT ONLINE (German): Im Twitterversum. Von Yassin Musharbash – 20.04.13

00.25: I just found this article – seems to be interesting as well: The Awl: Is Your Social Media Editor Destroying Your News Organization Today? By Choire Sicha – 19.04.13


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